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Common questions Ness Cooper gets asked.

Here you’ll find answers to what happens in therapy. How to pay for therapy. What therapy Contracts are.

And more….

You will recieve an invoice before your session which will need to be paid before we meet online for your session.


The invoice will have the option for you to pay via direct debit were you will be able to pay directly from the invoice.

Alternatively you can pay by back transfer, these details are included in the invoice too.

No, any charges that occur from using direct debit services linked with my business I pay.

Therapy or coaching sessions are a minimum of 50 minutes each.


Time may vary if you’re hoping for an intensive, or other form of session.

If you’re seeking a media friendly expert, then Ness is available for press inquiries and collaborations* on media campaigns.

Check out more about Ness in the Press, here.

*PR requests and brand collaborations are welcomed but may involve a fee mainly if Ness is working as the lead campaign expert and consultant. 

If you’re looking for a sexpert or expert for your campaign, I have over 15 years of experience consulting on sex tech and sexual health.

Currently, I have various memberships and accreditations.


Sexology memberships and accreditation:


American Board of Sexology


Copywriting Memberships:

Pro Copy

Charity Comms

I am insured with Towergate.

I am registered with ICO and all data and information is stored securely in align with GDPR.


I also have extended GDPR training on a regular basis to ensure I am up-to-date on any legal issues I may be responsible for that may affect privacy matters.

No! That’s the great thing about therapy, you don’t have to be in a relationship to seek sex or relationship therapy.

A coaching or therapy contract is a document that covers information about boundaries around therapy and explains how sessions work; which you sign and agree to before we start working together.

Hello, yes we do. You can find our privacy policy, here.

I have a mixture of qualifications from psychology, counselling, coaching, and pelvic floor health.


Many of the qualifications I gained are focused on human sexuality as well as couples and relationships.


You can find a list of some of my qualifications, here.

I offer in person sessions in Aylsham Norfolk UK, at Bure Valley Osteopaths, where I have a room on Wednesdays.

Currently, I only offer evening sessions at my in-person clinic in Aylsham Norfolk.

Bure Valley Osteopaths doesn’t have its own parking, however, there are three free to use car parks in Aylsham, which are all within walking distance.

There is a waiting room you can use if you are early for your appointment.

I don’t offer a free consultant for therapy sessions. This is because the first session acts as an assessment and this can not be done in 10 or 15 minutes and requires the full 50 therapeutic minutes.