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Continued Professional Development

Below you’ll find listed some of the training I’ve completed over recent years. It’s not everything, and you’ll find I’m forever attending new courses, particularly around couples work, relationships, LGBTQAI+, kink and BDSM.

CPDs and further therapy and counselling training

  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse IPHM CPD
  • Diploma in Relationship Psychology
  • Sexuality, Gender and Sex – What’s the difference? Rainbow therapy and onlinevents
  • Suicide Prevention Training, Zero Suicide Alliance
  • Kink, Fetish, or Something More? Pink Therapy
  • Not In Front Of The Clients – Living and Working Within Our Communities Pink Therapy
  • Gender Neutral Prnouns
  • Young People and Gender Identity Training by Madison-Amy Webb
  • Gender and Transgender identity
  • Current and Emerging Sexual Practices In Kink with Gay and Bisexual Men Pink Therapy
  • Introduction to Imago Relationship Therapy, part 1, 2, 3, 4 by Dr Kalanit Ben-Ari
  • Imposter Syndrome course by Good Enough Counsellor
  • Understanding Working with Gender Variance and Autism
  • HIV and AIDS awareness
  • Dealing with Procrastination Today in SST by Windy Dryden
  • Gender Identity Essentials – Reporting Trans Hate Crime
  • Understanding Mental Health Legislation
  • Child Sexual Exploitation and Rape Awareness Training
  • Single Session Therapy With Relationship Problem by Windy Dryden
  • TA101 the Link Cantre
  • Workshop on Single Session Therapy 1 day CPD Windy Dryden
  • Sex and Sexual Problems by Juliet Grayson
  • Understanding and Managing Loneliness
  • Certificate in Couples Counselling
  • Online and Telephone Counselling
  • Working with Creative and Embodied Therapeutic Approaches
  • BDSM in Clinical Context ISSM
  • Centre for Positive Sexuality: Rape Play Kink Course by Andrew Pari
  • Understanding Bestiality and Zoophillia Americian Psychological Association
  • SAR training sexual attitude reassessment training Sex Coach U and Sex Positive Institute
  • Traumatophilic Repetition and the Suffering of Pleasure TASHRA training
  • Kinky Mind and Body: Psychobiology of Kink TASHRA training
  • AASECT Bedfellows: New Horizons in Therapy and Somatic Work
  • American Association Of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists: Conversations in Kink from Emerging to Thriving MOTE (Multiplicity of the Erotic Conference)
  • Clinical Competency with ABDL’s and Age Players by Dr Rhoda Lipscomb and Dr Matt Sevier aasect
  • The Couples Institute Level 1
  • Counselling Diploma Level 3 and 4
  • Understanding Chems (Chemsex training)
  • The Truth About Porn Addiction
  • Sex after Sexual Trauma via The Centre for Psychosexual Health

Sex Education Training

  • Level 4 Teaching Relationships and Sex Education acet UK
  • Equity in Healthcare for Trans and Gender Diverse People Student and trainee association for sexual health and HIV
  • Is Online Porn and Social Media Impacting on You People’s Sexual and Mental Health? Student and Trainess Association for Sexual Health and HIV
  • The Pleasure Principle FPA (Family Planning Association)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections FPA (Family Planning Association)
  • Level 2 LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace (RQF)
  • PSHE Association training via Future Learn
  • Pride in Education 2020 and 2021
  • MyGwork Marketing, Advertising, and LGBT training conference
  • HPV-Associated Oral and Throat Cancer Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • ASHM & ACON’s Trans
    and Gender Diverse
    Sexual Health Care elearning
    July 12, 2022
    Conducted by the
    Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis
    and Sexual Health Medicine


  • IAP Relationship Coach
  • Loveology University Certified Love Coach and Loveologist
  • Loveology University Certified Master Sexpert
  • Loveology University Certified Relationship Coach

Pelvic Floor Training

  • Pregnanacy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist PCES CEU 23 Dr Duvall
  • CES Pregnanacy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist PCES 2.0 CIMSPA 10 points
  • Fusion Pilates Pelvic Floor Foundation for Support with Lesley Powell
  • Pfilates Instructor Training
  • Pilates Foundation The Pelvic Floor Bible
  • Understanding and Working Therapeutically With Survivors of Sexual Trauma(s) Zoe Lodrick York Womens Counselling Service
  • My Pelvic Matters
  • Women who want to learn about pessaries &pelvic floor issues
  • Natural Sea Sponges Training for pelvic floor prolapse by pelvic angel

Other Wellbeing Training

  • Level 2 NCFE Understanding Nutrition and Health
  • Level 3 Diploma Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition Consultant
  • Effective Training for Hypermobility Tanya Thompson
  • The Sleeping Bum for Professionals Course Tanya Thompson Pilates glute biomechanics
  • A.C. Dip. Women’s Health Diploma (Covered clinical and holistic therapies, including in menopause and herbalism)
  • Pilate Method Alliance Biotensegrity of Movement
  • Appi Pilates for Spinal Surgery 8 CPD hours
  • Hip Home Program for Professionals Tanya Thompson
  • Pilates Trainer Professional Level 3 ABC awards O.A. Dip.
  • Future Fit Pilates Instructor Training
  • Amazing Lower Abdominal Activation Course Pilates Biomechanics Tanya Thompson
  • Brilliance in Teaching Biomechanics and Pilates by Tanya Thompson
  • Elderly Training Course in Pilates (older people) by Tanya Thompson
  • Dementia Training by Dave Dawes
  • Safe Greater Trochanteric Bursitis Training Course
  • Training You Eye Course (another biotensegrity course)
  • An Introduction to Social Studies OU
  • Shinrin Yoku Forest Bather Instructor
  • Open University CPD Exercise and Mental Health
  • Psychology OU
  • Psychology of Sales Dipolma
  • Endometriosis: What Health Care Professionals Need To Know Dr. Mona Orady, MD Pelvic Health Alliance and Pelvic Guru


  • American Board of Sexology Certified Sexologist
  • Kinsey Human Sexuality
  • International Society of Sexual Medicine
  • Ecosexology training under Annie Sprinkles
  • Endometriosis ISSM

Sessions can be paid for via bank transfer or Paypal. They must be paid before your coaching and or therapy session.

Therapy or coaching sessions are 50 minutes each.

If you’re seeking a media friendly expert, then Ness is available for press inquiries and collaborations* on media campaigns.


Check out more about Ness in the Press, here.


*PR requests and brand collaborations are welcomed but may involve a fee mainly if Ness is working as the lead campaign expert and consultant. 

If you’re looking for a sexpert or expert for your campaign, I have over 15 years of experience consulting on sex tech and sexual health. Check out my most recent projects here.

You have your idea but want to work out the kinks? I’m an experienced prototype sex toy tester who has consulted on diamond vibrators, love arc and other sex machines, and pelvic floor and kegel devices.


If you’re looking to hire an industry and manufacturing knowledgeable expert when it comes to sex tech, sex toys, and sexual wellness products, I’m the person for you!


Contact me via or for a no bull shit and no sugar coating evaluation of your prototype!

I started working as a paid journalist and copywriter at the age of 13, since then I’ve found my niche and now only write about sex and relationships.

Over time I have won awards for my writing, from best reviews to the best erotic journalist.

If you’re looking to hire a freelance writer, hope on over to my other website Copy Ever After.



Yes! I love the bounce and flow in writing and finding an article’s or brand’s voice as I tap rhythmically on my keyboard.

If you’re looking for Sex and Relationship focused content, Sex tech, Sex Toys, and adult industry writing, I’m the writer for you!


Email me at to discuss projects. 

No! That’s the great thing about therapy, you don’t have to be in a relationship to seek sex or relationship therapy.

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